Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adam Lambert at Bonbon, My Twisted Tuesday

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I was enjoying my cherry infused vodkas at Vlada so much last Tuesday that I missed Adam Lambert at Bonbon. Well, he could have been there when I was. It was so crowded, I took shelter near Amanda Lepore and Brian Mills near the booths in the corner. I'm still finding out that friends of mine were there whom I didn't see. Good thing my de la Blanca brother Ricky (pictured by me above left) nabbed a self-portrait of him and Adam (above right). My Wonder Twin and impresario Brian Mills (pictured below) snapped some more of Adam here.
I was a bit later than usual because Demanda Dahling was hosting and performing at Twisted Tuesdays. Demanda performed whatever track from King Ralphy's (pictured above with Demanda) CD that DJ VTone played. She gave an eager audience member both a lap dance and a drink ticket. Eric Halliwell (pictured below left and right) got on the microphone to spread some cheer. I'm looking forward to next Twisted Tuesday with me DJ'ing and Nancy Nosecandy hosting Nancy's Nosecandyland.


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